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by frankie cosmos

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i went wobbling around down the stairs to the yard i went wobbling around blue couch cold mouth i was wondering about all the pictures on the walls i was wobbling about in your room in the halls i went wobbling around i saw you in the yard i went wobbling around your town i went wobbling around iiii went wobbling around
invisible 00:01
im the kind of girl buses splash with rain look mom i'm hobbling through i am gonna be a painter too i make my canteen so heavy as if i need anymore water today but we are not young and this isn't a party i guess i should leave this party with little bear im the kind of girl who doesn't care cause we are not young and this isnt a party with a shy grin and a silent tip of a forty
dry season 00:42
every night i’ve been keeping alone i’ve been sleeping alone i got the shakes yesterday dry season old man have you been crying? the seasons drying your friends are dying don’t dry your eyes be more courageous i think tornado is contagious put a gun in your pocket put a gun in your pocket put a gun in your pocket
droplets2 00:42
its raining here and im swelling up with you scaffolds and canopies droplets face as if it were your own
where do you find time for all this brooding? how can you say i am moody? emotional outbreak cause i'm cosmic
strange 00:40
i love the strange in your strange i built my home on your range i slam around and i scream nobody can look at me "so go and kiss your best friend on the mouth" the angelic dismount now that my dogs gone there's no reason to see anyone
unrequited love sex way up high above sex i called a million times i wanna see those theyes train investigation stuck in the train station meet me up the hill i'll be standing still dirt inside the ground loud sky makes no sound isn't it profound how you can let me down? what's going on theres water coming out? all my life my eyes had a drought you took away every hint of doubt with your painting that says always on it unrequited love sex way up high above sex i called a million times i wanna see thoseth eyes
thingy 02:13
thingy thingy i stopped caring a while ago i think i'm in new mexico thingy i see thingy in the deli i see thingy in the bookstore i've got this hunger let me get yr number sometimes i do not solve the puzzle in time thingy thingy columbus avenue calms me down even through a nauseous rain cloud poetry is this thing where you talk and talk on the balcony and someone tells you it was pretty good then you slow down and curl up under a big dirty blanket and start to boil over til morning when you stand up and do poetry again thingy thingy thingy THINGY
i am lonely i am sad and it's only been two days since you are dead my love loves satan i'm in love with his hating when i am lonely i write to leonie i write my earwax in library books i get by on my honeys good looks my honeys good looks i wear maria's shirt til my eyes hurt i kiss joana's soft head i love my foreign friends i'm 18 and already want to change the way i spend the old day to day my love loves satan i'm in love with his hating when i am lonely i write to leonie
waltz 01:42
fila cover 01:15
i miss fila i dont care though i still feel something marching around at home lost a lot of men there we dont care though someones gonna come and carry us all home hands so sore yr never gonna make any more bread so clean i'll try to take yer mind off some things we make pornos we dont care though showing off the colors hang it up at home i did it just because i needed to be soled
drooping 01:53
you have no idea about me/i eat grilled cheese no more handsome boys/take me out to the ball game
driving up 00:43
driving up driving up driving up with my honey driving up hey whats up hey whats up driving up to the country driving up waking up waking up waking up with my honey waking up driving up driving up driving up to the country driving up
leonie 01:17
leonie im lonely put pipe cleaner gold around me leonie im lonely im sitting where we'd sit but now it's different meet me at the pier cigarettes and beer i'll cut your hair i don't care germany takes you from me
wobbling weird version of the original lyrics
droplets 01:56


Some of these tracks were recorded on an extremely wobbly four-track cassette recorder. There are four bonus tracks which are alternate versions/recordings of songs on the album. Some songs are recycled. Track 4 originally appeared on the unreleased Adventures 4: this album is about you. Track 8 originally appeared on Telescoping (released Sept 2011). Track 15 originally appeared on LOSING (Nov 2012). Track 16 originally appeared on sickerwinter (April 2012).


released January 9, 2013

Lyric in quotes from track 7 was written by the amazing Rivergazer.
Track 12 was written by Milk Ghost.
Some brainstorming for Track 14 with Kolson, Noah, and Ronnie.
Recording of track 5/track 18 was inspired by Cameron Wisch.
everybody is cool
I love you Ronnie, thanks for the tape.


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Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE booking: clemence@atc- live.com

US Press:

UK Press:

sync: jessyr@subpop.com


7 minutes in hell

"ingrid is over"

pot calling the kettle dank
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