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by zebu fur

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she’s still excited by art supplies he’s unruly unreal in her eyes making crumbs all over her dress looking at him cause he’s such a mess *on the line* i wanna be someone else’s memory look inside and you will see everything that terrifies me all the ghosts in all my dreams bus rides where i don’t feel clean a day when everyone is mean i remember everything that thing that you call god what can i call it? boys that treat me odd what can i call it?
telescoping 00:46
together in the summer my friends and i pull a lot of shit but when that time is over everybody splits no one wants to be around me anymore they all think i’m such a bore i get bored when i don’t have a toy to play with i get bored when i don’t have a boy to kiss
expressions 03:23
drinking out of fountains despair, despair play me your trombone rejoice, rejoice ask to take me home (oh) hello this is your captain speaking you will receive two free boarding passes for an all inclusive cruise to nassau bahamas in exchange for your answers to 10 questions this is a public opinion poll, the process is automated just press the keys on your telephone keypad for your answers you will receive two free boarding passes for an all inclusive cruise to nassau bahamas when you’re finished this process only takes a minute press 1 to start the automated survey and receive 2 complimentary cruise passes don’t miss the boat! press 1 now!! you’ve grown up to be such a fine young man what is with that hung dog hang dog expression…. hung dog hum drum something look on your face mister whatever it’s FUNNY i like your shoes a lot thank you
unrequited love sex way up high above sex i called a million times i wanna see those eyes train investigation stuck in the train station meet me up the hill i'll be standing still dirt inside the ground loud sky makes no sound isn't it profound how you can let me down? what's going on, there’s water coming out? all my life my eyes had a drought you took away every hint of doubt with your painting that said “always” on it unrequited love sex way up high above sex i called a million times i wanna see those eyes
They call me cutie, cutie patootie rocking out the pageant stage and shaking my booty cutie cutie patootie, I'm a little southern girl but no I'm not snooty see my face in magazines, papers and the TV screen CNN, GMA, got my own facebook page pretty hair pretty eyes glitzy dress grand prize books, dolls, TV deals, Donald Trump, keep it real, I'm a cutie cutie patootie Eden with the showgirls appearing in movies sweetie, sweetie pateetie Loving the attention but no I'm not needy Thank you Shirley Temple for paving my way I got my start in pageants And I'm here to stay they say little pageant girls fly by night but it seems like Oprah Winfrey is doing alright, I'm a cutie cutie patootie…
henry is a crazy type henry stole away my bike henry is a boy of 10 i am friends with older men jenny is laughing throughout his whole speech as she’s walking away he thinks she’s a peach he turns to me, “wanna leave for the beach?” dry your eyes, man coney island
he said “well you only like me when i’m not around” i said “no you only like ME when I’M not around” i woke up right as we kissed to the snoring sound of his best friend lying on my ground he reached and held my hand and said it’s ok i said i wanna date eliza i just wish i was gay then i was walking around later that same day saw some other sad sacks on the street and said hey he said “well you only like me when i’m not here” in the dream it seemed so real i didn’t think it wouldn’t be real of course it wasn’t real cause i don’t see him anymore and he wouldn’t have said something like that cause he know its not true he would have said something along the lines of you love me but i don’t love you he said i only liked him when he wasn’t around couldn’t get it out of my head because it didn’t make sense i cried to myself thinking i lost a prince i thought to myself and since then i’ve been thinking about writing him a letter found a letter to my brother that he had forgotten i wonder if he forgot my letters? or if he still has that rock? what a waste of a rock what a waste of a thought
thunder and lightning and hands in the dark wanting to kiss by the train tracks that spark summer days move and the year mark will follow skateboardin grooves with a heart that is hallow dark boys in cars and light boys in the park punk boys with cats or with dogs who don’t bark get drunk and smile real broad in the backseat or sit shotgun if ur really in heat * henry is dead henry is drunk jom is bread jom’s a punk i swallowed a spider, i’m hollowed, you fighter i’m small and you’re larger, he liked henry darger * what i’d do for a drop of whiskey with you i’ll tell you a thing or two it’s one of those times i can’t open my eyes come by, i’m high rolling pins on sore legs drinking down til i’m dregs i’m surrounded by regs can i ride on your pegs going home now to sleep i want your company let’s go bowling some day let’s go swimming some day * my mouth is bleeding you’re simplified i have a fever but i don’t mind it’s a nice distraction from the fact that you made me cry i’m telescoping in your mind for another lie i’m innocent i got no restraint you’re jaded and you are late it’s a nice distraction from the fact that i already ate my tummy’s full but i’m telescoping for another plate
who’s gonna kiss my tears? everybody disappears cometbus book in hand sometimeboy eagle lands friends just want me for food or weed if they’re in the mood the rest of the time they don’t need me i get lonely when i get sleepy i had some dreams that came true the dreams were all about you can’t believe i wrote you songs now i know i was wrong everything about this is bad loving you just made me more sad don’t you wanna kiss anymore? or do you still think i’m a chore used to get drunk every day now i don’t drink i just pray that thing that you call god what can i call it???


it doesnt feel so fresh
10 trackxkcxkxs
download it, only if you WANT to (fuck you)


released September 18, 2011

everyone / the ingrates


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE booking: clemence@atc- live.com

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sync: jessyr@subpop.com


7 minutes in hell

"ingrid is over"

pot calling the kettle dank
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