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suckups vs. lovers

by ingrid superstar

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that boy he broke my heart that boy he tears me apart i got drunk so i couldn’t see that boy who tortures me
its nice when you’re nice to me its nice i look you and you look at me and its rice i’m wearing my chinese hat, you’re wearing your baseball cap and everything’s nice things get bad when you try to start a fight it isn’t fair that we have to keep on the light i read a book to the cat, you closed the door that was that, everything’s fine you wanna a make a sun-print on the moon i see you and trip like the sun and swoon everything’s getting good now you put Dylan on and i start to cry you ask me why but i won’t tell you why you said not to say his name to you well what am i supposed to do but sigh the sun is here and everyone is smiley you think you can run fast so i say try me the warm weather is near, everyone’s happy here, everything’s rice
i’m bored, i’m room and board, i’m board game i’m boarding up the house, i’m boring
my mouth is bleeding, my wrists are eating, my feet are leaving, and mind is staying here
baths 00:42
"Hey hey hey, the end is near! On a good day, you can see the end from here. But I won't turn back, now, though the way is clear; I will stay for the remainder." -Joanna Newsom, On A Good Day ** I want to use my knife on a girl like you (to the tune of Girl Like You by The Troggs)
emma: “’you are supposed to like me, aren’t you?’ oh my god it breaks my heart. jesus christ . jfc greta” this park was full of people i used to know but now its empty with memory i used to walk here with my friend i once sat on this bench now my heart is almost empty/full it’s running out of breath/disc space where will all these memories go maybe i’ll find them again one day in space/my brain
window pains 01:07
i don’t feel empathetic for the kids i leave behind ‘cause i didn’t really loved them, though i’m always on their mind they should’ve known on their own when i said love things i lied ‘cause i was always high i take em out on dates and i drive them all around but when it gets too late i send them home all by themselves i go to their parents house, and i eat pie in their kitchen and when the lights go out in their dark room i try to kiss them people think it’s creepy but i’m not a creepy person i say “i shaved my face just for you” and then them that i missed them they think somethings wrong with my brain but i just want to be happy so i treat all girls the same
scatman crothers asked me what my name was i said i live in a gas station not very far scatman crothers asked me what my neighborhood was i said it’s ingrid, baby and you can give me a call
every time i stare at you, your eyes are closed it’s not hard not to kiss his brown-nose but it’s hard not to kiss your brown lips i don’t know how to cry, busy throwing a fit i can’t find air to breathe cause i’m swallowed in it are you following me cause i’m walking in shit i remember when you parked your car while i walked my dog you said “everyone has their ave maria” well you were my good idea i denounce love, but never That weather reverted to older days, ain’t nothing orderly about her ** “i just wanna be a kid tell me everything you did, if something bad happens i’ll be there with napkins, practicing with my pledge alleidge on your toy miss america sleeve, ’til always I'll love you in assembly. if you catch me doing wrong i’ll leave” -secret song by non-imaginary friend? ** “i really care a lot, although i look like i do not since i was shot there’s nobody but you i know i look blase, party andy’s what the papers say at dinner i’m the one who pays for a nobody like you nobody but you, nobody like you since i got shot there’s nobody like you” -lou reed, nobody but you ** “and its the same old story everywhere i go i get slandered, libeled, i hear words i never heard in the bible” -simon and garfunkel, keep the customer satisfied
opening a box, trying to open a box, it’s really hard to open this box, but i opened the box, what is inside the box, whoa it was $33.48, what’s in the box, i like this box, what to make out of this box


well i don't care


released April 20, 2011

lotta theft involved in this album.
thanks coachwhips for the album title inspiration


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

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