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by frankie cosmos

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dirtdrunk 00:38
i wanna fight dirty i wanna bite you i wanna feel flirty i wanna watch you slide in out of my body nothing about me is good how could you love me?
bango 01:32
so you think you are frustrated? well you aren’t frustrated til you find yourself in someone else then you cannot find yourself so you think you are frustrated? well you aren’t frustrated til you cannot find your health then you find yourself in someone else field mouse hurries ‘cross my legs in the grass i sway let them scurry while we lay pink mice blue water better days as i passed the church the other day church bells chimed at me as if to say oh holy one you’re doing it the right way oh holy one you’re doing it the right way
i look 01:42
i look like a boy and all the boys get bored when i try to hold their hand i just wanna be a woman and all the girls around me look like brats and all the boys give me a heart attack and i just wanna be a woman i’m a nervous breakdown waiting to happen i’m a ghost i’m just a ghost i live underground i wish he was around ‘cause i cut ‘em all out i let ‘em all down i manipulate jerks i treat ‘em like dirt ‘cause they did it first they are much worse
coppers 01:21
compliments 01:08
it’s in your head i’m not pretty when i’m sad in my twin bed the worst sleep i ever had everybody on the street will stare cause i’m the girl who let her boyfriend cut her hair oh i wanna die sun-flower eye compliments make me cry for now i’m fine
even when he calls me cute i know he’s just being crude kill the internet and climb a mountain you just met cant get you offa my mind cant get you outta my head i don’t wanna have to die i just wanna be dead everyones bored cause they don’t know what to do i wanna have a secret romance with you when i feel neglected i know you just forgetted throw some dirt on your face to prove you love me and put my depression in its place how do i get embarrassed on my own? turning red in the comfort of my home got a room with a view but i can only think of you
get 01:49
walk your dog over to me walk your dog over to me lets build a house in the dirt lets build a house in the dirt lets build a house in the dirt lets build a house in the dirt * i dreamed i was wandering around i was smothering the sound of every other thing around me * i’ll tell you a secret if i think you can keep it cause i like your personality and penis and the secrets pretty great and i’ll call god up to debate that i’m a fuckin genius * if there is a reality and a dream world, and it is unclear where these worlds interact: there is no reality * creeps are people too. * drop my poem in the dirt. * 100 bookmarks in the mail and we’re on our way handlebarring to nursery school. * well, if you’re beautiful in the right way, in just the right way. * we did but we don’t you will but you won’t * it’s the apocalypse and we’re a couple of slugs today. kill adults. 4. what is love? 5. hah whatever.
genius 01:38
descending into friendship at least i got some good love songs out of it and if there’s a god he probably hates me and that’s why i’ve got these marks and if there’s a god he probably debates so much over whether or not i’m smart. and someone better explain to him that it’s possible to make yourself smarter without the use of the materials provided to you by the educational system which is total shit so fuck you if you think i’m wrong cause i’m a genius i’m a genius watch me use the same chords over and over again til you think i’m a genius
zen 00:45
we all zen so do all our friends on the beach just my love and me and in our veins we are the same but i am green and you are mean i’m just trying to be triangle me zen triangle home zen skin zen flesh zen bones
apitherapy 01:34
when steve taught me how to dance thank god for his bad memory when i feel neglected i know that you just forgetted me and if our bodies are disposable then i don’t have to brush my teeth i can see how to like young boys it is pretty easy church is the last place that i saw you it hurts but i know how to ignore you the church where i sat between you two the church where i crawled into the pew and your dinky guitar and your dinky meanness will not go very far cause i’m a genius
(about 2 years ago i had a dream, in it i was driving around and around in circles between my 2 great loves. but at the time of the dream you were not one of my two great loves yet, you were just someone i had been thinking about. i still do not know how to drive.) around and around i’m just this way curled over toes toes curled over when a girl loves a boy that’s called lovebirds drive faster i can’t stand the idea of anyone thinking i’m no good no one understands him, so no one can transcend him art penetrates life i was feeling pretty stupid, you were looking pretty smart so i looked around the room and you caught my eyes you caught my heart that same guitar was on the beach the day that he was in my reach but now he plays so far away and just my feet can feel the same
morally good 01:03
i’m red-cheeked do you still love me? blushing about you in therapy what do you do when everybody around you is so unreliable? you find a new friend and you climb into bed with them i wanna be beside you can i come inside you
i see 02:16
i see you in the dusk and i see you in my flower and i see you when we touch seeing you just gives me power and your sex is appealing when i see you in the mirror and i see you hurt my feelings when i see you standing near her awooga awooga c/mon its spring show me your thing awooga! and tonight he wears cologne and i am home all alone and i see you in my poem and i wish that you’d come home cause you're sexual healing when i see you in the mirror and I've got chemical feelings if i hear that you are nearer to me meeeee c’mon its summer won’t you be my drummer awooga


one day frankie cosmos got sick. with stuffed up ears she made these recordings.


released April 9, 2012



all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE booking: clemence@atc- live.com

US Press:

UK Press:

sync: jessyr@subpop.com


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