quick songs

by frankie cosmos

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some friends and i decided to make a song every day for a week


released July 11, 2014


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE: clemence@atc- live.com

Sync/Licensing: jcoombs@scmusicpub.com

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UK Press:

7 minutes in hell

"ingrid is over"

pot calling the kettle dank
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Track Name: correctly
i don’t wanna learn how to love you
I want you to learn how to love me correctly
without a game
I forget how to play
I wanna strip you of your power and show you the way
Track Name: quick song
I took my bike today
only on the bike lane
came home Ronnie rubbed my butt
and made some breakfast for us
and I saw a kid
who is friends with Krill
and I didn’t say
cause I couldn’t remember his name
I took my bike today
rode it on the bike lanes
made this song really quick
like a magic trick
so I could go out with my pal
now I will call Al
Track Name: derealizing
I know life is hard but I’m not sure why
all I know is I don’t wanna cry anymore than I should
anymore than I should
my body’s here, I think its art
it’s mine but I don’t feel connected to its parts
anymore than I should
anymore than I should
anymore than I should
Track Name: family with a dog
i just want a family with a dog and a boyfriend filled with love
one night you must have followed me
into the bathroom at a christmas party
and all the nude i had ever been disintegrated
and i can still see the beauty in evil
but i see a lot more evil these days
and i seem a lot more evil too
i can feel it in our evil ways
Track Name: may 9
I come home to my parents house
I have some coffee and food
I need to go to the show
I don’t have time to make this song
Track Name: sleep song
Now that I know that every time I get sad you just hate me
You can go to sleep and sleep it off peacefully
I’ll be here all night feeling totally fucked
Wondering what tomorrow will be like and staying up
I guess I just make myself the victim like you said
That’s why when you treat me shitty you get mad
It all makes sense now thanks so much
Goodbye forever what the fuck
Track Name: pov of toothbrush
I wonder why the guy who’s always standing next to her mouth
Is putting me in his now, he put me into his mouth
And now Frankie yells and puts me in a dark pink case
in the cabinet far away from everyone else
I only see the light twice a day now
And then I go straight into her mouth and back into the cabinet
I wonder why the guy who’s always standing next to her mouth
Put me into his mouth

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