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No Can Do

by ingrid superstar

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1. No Can Do 00:35
done a couple of favors for a couple of boys, they’ve done a couple of favors for me i think that we’re friends but it might be pretend cause you gotta be nice to the one who took your virginity so i’ll shine my flashlight on the sand i got my bergman on bergman book in hand i think i’m clumsy cause no one loves me but i just don’t understand
do you wanna converge with nature? do you wanna have sex? i asked do you still have that rock you gasped at the very thought i’ll sleep where you are but i don’t see where sex dreams are basically just nightmares you said you weren’t trying to lie i can’t help but wonder why masticate my brain make me more insane cant drive or love i never learned to do either his fetter is fodder im even he's odder please help me get some water help me get some water masticate my heart, masticate my heart
4. faux dada 00:47
ontology's not real and owen doesn’t feel my dreams of him are peeling back the foreskin of life i smile into your palm tree sun-prints on the lawn prince of the grass i know do you still have that stone?
you slay me i don’t know what to say he told me i was young then he bit my tongue so i left his hall, thought about vishal, and wondered should i call anyone at all cat sadie you are just a little kitty love is really weird, i used to like beards sadie please come near (me) pete and i purr the cat song sadie won’t you sing along naked on a bench practicing my french underneath the sky
i had three bad dreams about you but the first one was a good dream it happened when you came to wake me up and you knelt beside me and you kissed me i opened my eyes and to my surprise you were kneeling right beside me i didn’t know what to do cause you had woken me from a good dream then the bad dreams came, fuck it they’re all the same bad dreams are the worst, but there was one okay one first (this song is about these three dreams i had)
singing an ingrid superstar song hey baby ingrid won’t you sing along? singing an ingrid superstar song
baby rohmer look into my eyes baby rohmer youre such a great guy baby rohmer i’m only 16 years older 16 years from now what will the difference be it will just seem a little bit bolder little wobbler wobble over to me baby wobbler wobble over to me little baby laughing in the tub remember in the old days you used to have a little more chub now you’re handsome can’t wait for you to grow on up baby rohmer do you think we could ever be in love?
carhart-glove-boy, delivery-truck-boy, thc-fingers-boy, isn’t that wild? vs. careful-not-to-fall-in-love-boy, do-you-wanna-fuckboy, pale-blue-eyes-linger-boy, you’re just a child carhart-glove-boy careful-not-to-fall-in-love-boy, delivery-truck-boy do-you-wanna-fuckboy thc-fingers-boy pale-blue-eyes-linger-boy isn’t that wild? i’m just a child
icarus wore wings of wax and i wear wings of meat his were melted by the sun and mine were cooked by the heat so we sat around and me and icarus had a feast
you slay me i don’t know what to say he told me i was young then he bit my tongue so i left his hall, thought about vishal, and wondered should i call anyone at all




released June 17, 2011


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE: clemence@atc- live.com

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