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by frankie cosmos

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i shiver and you crawl i come when you call i came i saw i was conquered i went crazy i was crazy i saw you you came too pourin beers into cups i cant look at you enough diggin holes in the sand letting go of your hand it was fake a big mistake now i am all set with everything left i crawled into a locker and came and saw i was conquered i saw you you came too
fan letters 01:14
now i just wait alone in my room for the fan letters to roll in i leave my window open and wait for them now i just sit here alone in my bed and wait for him to roll in i leave the bedroom door open and wait for him now i just think of a poem in my head and wait for angels to roll in i leave my legs wide open and wait for it
first second 01:32
you are my first love i am your second love i wake up every day and wait til 10am to knock on your door so we can hang out you are my best friend i am your second best friend your mom says you are still asleep i am lonely no leonie i hang with my doggies you have more dogs than me you are my first love i am your second love
i think i saw my dog lying on the couch i think i saw my dog lying on the ground
i dont even remember what i felt like when i wrote this song
i am just aaron's girlfriend i don't have my own friends and to think i was just bragging about how you didn't care my honey loves math like me my honey looks back at me puts his hand on my back what the heck and i'm a witch and you are too and we will have our witches brew you come to me into my ronnie i learned about honey from your body when lovers cry they close their eyes and you ain't magic sit with me i thought i knew to careen is the bravest thing you're a piece of cake and i'm a belly ache
you may have plucked me out of my own dream world we never f*cked or even kissed i’m out of luck next to all of your dream girls but you’re the one who made my first love pissed driving in circles between you and him why do i circle and scream while you grin? sky getting dark and my car wheels are thin down in the park wanna go for a spin? i keep on moving cause i can’t decide around and around in between twin guys older and drunk and looking in my eyes liars and punks with their hands on my thigh …….. i’m the only one drunk oh there’s aaron that punk i would like to kiss him but i’ll just ask can i go with him my friend is leaving town oh won’t he please bring me down murder lurks in the dark traffic jam revenge in the yard two best friends in a car we can’t get very far when we get to the party there’s a funeral going on i’m the only one there oh there’s aaron that slayer i would like to see him all the boys wanna be him
shadowy 01:00
im just really missing today everything's floating so far away brush your teeth with superglue he told me it's only fair to you shadowy when you get shadowy i find my shadows shadowy i find my shadow im just really missing today everybody's floating so far away he told me to brush my teeth with superglue it's only fair to you
yes no maybe i don't know can you repeat the question you're not the boss of me now and you're not so big life is unfair
pouring beers into cups i can’t look at you enough digging holes in the sand letting go of your hand
mmm time moves differently here and i don’t believe you but everything’s moving so clear and being stoned is fun but i’m dying it makes me so sad that’s why i’m always crying on the wrong side of this revolt there’s a boy doing what he’s told and my ears are red ‘cause you’re too nice and i won’t be sad ‘cause i don’t wanna cry mmm time moves differently here the waves are big and i know death is always near even when it’s not but there’s always a sign that i survived another day get on my bike like a cloud and float the night away on the wrong side of this rebellion there’s a supernatural boy waiting for you to tell him time moves differently here and i’m stoned but i think i love you dearly in my heart my heart and your heart i think they’ve been connected from the start time is moving so weird
hulk 01:20
everyone is gone i turn the light on he shook me around drove on the wrong side of the road a bakers dozen of bad affairs but along came ronnie i climb up the space between i'm bitter like olives that's why you like them and i don't rarely i spend eighty dollars red-mouthed hulking i stand beside ali in the mirror hulking that's why you like me and i don't
it's alright i don't love you i just want i just want to don't worry bout me thinkin of you it's just my idea of you oh when i thought you were feeling sad i just didn't realize you didn't care aaaaah its alright i don't love you aaaah i just kinda wanted to
i don't know what house he lives in but i know what block he lives on i figure if i go enough i'll see him but he's always gone but sometimes i see his mom and she says who are you get away from my stoop who are who are you and i say i dont know and i walk away who are who are you


some new songs some old songs


released February 5, 2013

frankie cosmos & the emptiness

track 13 by old table


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Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE: clemence@atc- live.com

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"ingrid is over"

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