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evil feels all hot, all slime we have a good way about us, man i know you so please mess around with me yell weird its strange i’ll stop it shouda seen the way our mom looked at me
sunbathing in the sound of your guitar i wanna die, it’s time to die plant a baby seed and it will grow so tall then it will die, when it is time i wanna be the light from the lamp next to your bed i wanna be the sun inside your porcelain head i saw Mars i saw Pluto i saw the Moon i didn’t see you though i saw Jupiter i saw Lincoln i saw you, what was i thinkin’?
i love you, you love pumpkin if you love joe, i’ll love duncan you’re a heartbreaker but i got no proof the only truth is my abuse and all i wanna do is see you more the bruises on my legs are such a bore and i don’t wanna die but i don’t really care that much
i admit girl 00:51
i only got room in my head for one love at a time and you didn’t wanna be mine, you didn’t wanna be mine i’m an inappropri- it-girl i’m a no-good-piece-of-shit girl and i admit, girl, i broke your heart but not before you broke mine
getting fucked up doesnt make you dead even though it clears you from my head i wish that i’d smoked you instead i hate that pretty hair is red i wanna see you more frequently i wanna be in love secretly pale white on a moontime light everybody’s dancing i feel alright my lips are warm, you’ve been warned i’d bury my face in your shoulder if i were a little bit bolder but in real life we get so shy can’t even look you in the eye puffy lips kiss my hips everybody’s trying to fuck me up tonight i hate everything sounds i hate when you aren’t around i wish i was going to bard with you tomorrow i think i’m gonna die right now if i could just go to the college of ronnie if i could just hang out with joejoe and mommy this is the stupidest thing i’ve ever done
fumbling 01:27
i feel alright fumbling with you crumbling all night smoked gouda in the nude i got no guard my heart is scarred i had a dream you are a dream lets watch Buffalo 66 lock the door to my room and kiss pretty tactless in your music if they’ve got a name you use it getting drunk just aint the same without my ronnie maine
robbers 01:17
ronnie and frank holding hands at the bank taking out all their monies he looks at me a bear and a bee fighting over their honeys you wanna lock the door i wanna kiss you more laying on the floor i hope i’m not a chore first kiss by the river fall in love every winter you deign to hold my hand i feign to understand i don’t know what love is i don’t think about it but i know it’s not hormones or at least i really doubt it he’s already snoring sometimes my life gets boring
all i wanna do is get comfortable with you and sleep across your back and sleep along your legs all i wanna do is all i wanna do is when i cut my legs up i don’t think about it you’re not on my mind all the fucking time
old birthday 00:51
guess who’s 26 today broke my heart and went away i first saw him at a show how’d i ever let him know? guess who’s 26 today held my hand but went away my first heart got broken here now i really need you near guess who’s 26 today broke my heart and moved away
bumper crass 01:43
i want my life with you to be blue and dark and green just like my certain dream natural history we kiss under a slow and strange film separated and clean falling in love with aaron maine but i still been kissing whats-his-name everybody knows where this will go he’s moving to philly isn’t that silly might as well kill me let’s be pretty let’s be cool in the cold city let’s be cruel
porceline 01:10
i’m a little too precious and we’re both too shy why don’t you come over we can get so high and forget all about our fears of each other ronnie kissed me but i got nobody to tell i told my dog but it doesn’t matter anyhow we forgot all about our fears of each other ronnie didn’t get me drunk he just told me outright ronnie didn’t get me high he just told me outright
chasms 01:25
think about the future everyone’s a loser lord knows i’m a charmer i’ll just be a farmer theres this handsome kid he never looked me in the eyes when he finally did he came between my thighs and i died he designed my mind you fucked me bare but i don’t care i love you still i’m up a hill i’m drunk i’m high sunflower eye i want you bad i get so mad at the chasms between orgasms at the spaces between our faces
so messed up 01:08
i haven’t been eating enough all i want is your love i’m so messed up break a wine glass in your hand i wanna be your man i wanna be your friend i’m in love with ronnie but that is neither here nor there i wanna touch his hair porn is poetry when you look at me my legs heal up
dough 02:21
The moon is silky donut in the sky Your eyes were like a donut in your eyes And I noticed you didn’t change the sheets since last time Thick saliva, curdled milk, it’s been three hours and I’m swoony-eyed still These beautiful mustardy couples with mustard legs Eating salt on bread, and peppered eggs Everybody has pursed lips Everybody’s dressed so hip The happy sky sings drip, drip drop, drip My heart stops and the record skips This is a really great bridge No, this is a really great bridge A big brave dog smiles at me Through blustery rueful avenue full of people And he cannot see the moon, a silky donut in the sky Your eyes were like a donut sleeping in your eyes And I saw the daybreak and I saw this strange green light And I left him at the café this morning And I walked to the train, and I felt pretty strange Then I came home, and I wore a stranger’s shirt to therapy What does it mean? Sparkly… wizard
milk 02:21
i don’t know you any longer than i already have i don’t know you any longer than i should have your brown lips on my round neck i don’t think about it any more but i did i prescribe a darker substance when i’m feeling sad you taught me everything i know about painting on the floor i don’t know you anymore the times you fell asleep in my twin bed and the sad people cackle cause they don’t understand they can’t live between our hands they can’t see what’s in the bath and the milk they drank ronnie & frank and the ways driving around together changes everything


(We thought she was Dead, too)

songs from late october 2011 - early january 2012



released January 3, 2012







death songs from the grave

how do you feel

i stole some ideas from Vishal Narang milkghost1.bandcamp.com


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE: clemence@atc- live.com

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7 minutes in hell

"ingrid is over"

pot calling the kettle dank
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