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in yr dreams

by ingrid

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for saying i helped you grow up, for being horrible to me, for ruining a year, and then now, thank you for being sweet to me, for letting me realize that although my year was ruined, my life wasn’t “mid-july again” you said and that’s just exactly what i said i’m standing on your bridge, you’re drinking in your fridge we’re lying on my floor, i wanna kiss you more they all sleep on my ground, around and all around so many of you to be found, but this one makes a sound i wanna be angry, i wanna be on fire, i wanna be happy, i just wanna be tired i wanna be jealous, i wanna be stupid, i wanna be restless, i’m just a stupid blue kid everybody makes mistakes, but you make ‘em so much everybody’s heart sometimes aches, but mine aches at the touch sorry if i’m driving you wild, i just forgot how to fucking smile i don’t love him anymore that much, but i’ll touch anything he’s touched an open letter to whoever: doing the deed, sowing the seed, now there’s a kid, new thing to feed yesterday i saw the boy who i first loved today i saw the boy who i first f*cked life is really fun, run around my loaded gun je veux etre seule pas de garçons où est ton coeur?! où est ton coeur?! c'est avec.. le garçon là bas c'est avec.. le garçon là bas vee vee vee and the vitti vitti vee vee in the skies of gree the skies of gris and the vee vitti vee in paree she leaves nice for greece non, paris, i wish greece! papa is en greece, ee-grek EE-GREK? POURQUOI? Y? WHY? well, i'm off to see the boy i love in paris because everyone in nice is in love and i'm bored of it, room and board of it! bye bee beey vee vitti vie, c’est la vie
alacrity 01:06
he’s not exclusively romantic, he’s also frantic and brilliant too he’s not obtuse or too gigantic, we’re transatlantic over great big blue he grew up in the great depression, now he’s regressin’ into my arms he’s laying on the floor undressing, i’m impressed so i kiss his scars he smiles i can’t help but imprint him into my fragile mind awhile passes i’m still squinting, he takes a hint when i close my blinds
bad world 00:34
if you think everybody’s trying to get you, you’re probably right if you think everybody’s trying to hurt you, you’re probably right if you think everything is wrong then you’re probably right so try to think for your sake on the darkest side
when i'm hi 01:06
when i was 12 i wrote down stuff like “what is wisdom?” in my puny notebook, i thought that i was real smart when i’m high i talk like i’m 12 again, about powerful words, i think that i am real tough when i’m high, when i’m high, when i’m high, when i’m high when i’m high i think about my dad now and how he would hate me, it makes me sad now when i’m high, when i’m high, when i’m high, when i’m high
ingrid superstar welcome to the show [opens greeting card]
i got a chocolate brain making me insane i got a chocolate heart, had one from the start where’s my chocolate boy to make it all alright with his chocolate toys my babys outta sight
there’s lotsa boys i like to touch but they all work too much lotsa boys i wanna touch their lips but i’m the girl that they don’t miss kids just watch their hearts get old, some hearts start to grow some mold when it gets too nice outside no hand to hold i always cry the streets are big but so are you, i can dig that feeling too haven’t seen you in a year, now i hardly near you near know the trick and always win, look real slick and wear a grin cuties play chess in the park, all the best dogs never bark we were in a car accident, the accident was that we were in the car together and we wanted to kiss each other he seeks my approval, he sees that i’m brutal water the chances we’d be in the same place in all of space we better kiss so we don’t miss out on some opportunity for love or bliss my happiness comes from above where i piss it’s all about the brain, i can’t be driven insane by the same parts that make me come to you i want to take down my bun for you my hair will look long for you, i’d feel i belong if you were someone i belonged to
drool foolish clown don’t make a sound i’ll wear your crown around and around part 1 2 3 4 5 6 stay happy, think about kissing i haven’t seen the boy i like in a month because he takes naps with other girls! careful with that guitar, babe, you might hurt some kid got yarn in my mouth like a cat


some hearts start to grow some mold


released July 24, 2011

special thanks to carter for saying: "he's not exclusively romantic"


special thanks to emma discourse for calling it a car accident:
"we were in a car accident the accident was that we were in the car together and wanted to kiss each other"


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