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He Is Risen: DANK

by Little Bear

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phoney 00:26
i say i got a busted phone but i just wanna be alone stop calling here heart-stomper on the loose send him to my room stomp over here
i’m just sitting in my room, it feels just like a tomb cause the door is fucking locked and everything is quiet i’m naked on the floor i’m playing your guitar it feels just like a tomb cause everything’s quiet i could live like this forever, i’m alone but it’s whatever i can’t wait to be alone inside my tomb it will be quiet
sores 00:39
credit where credit is doo-doo i admit that that songs about you where’s the sky and where is my brother when i come home will i still have that lover or did i fuck it all up when i skipped town should i have stayed home with dad in his gown sometimes i just gotta leave
those were my happier days now i sit in a field writing sad sad songs around and around he got me in his sway singing sad sad songs i wouldn’t mind being murdered today singing sad sad songs i never loved him anyway singing bad bad songs
i know it’s weird that i only like slobs but don’t try to date me if you’ve got a job i like funny guys that live with their moms, i like silly guys that sing funny songs ugly boys have pretty eyes, smelly boys are funny guys all my scabs are turning into scars, all my friends skateboards turned into cars i hate seeing you guys act so old, why do you wanna go to those sleazy bars? BARS???
wicked wild willow tree wont you stay away from me i don’t wanna climb your branches you don’t get no 2nd chances
bdelygmia 02:28
if your feelings are only accountable on a day-to-day fuckin basis how can i be held responsible for the love i somehow owe you? he's never coming back
caterpillar 00:26
caterpillar what a killer bumblebee you slay me set the table I'm not able my hot wounds hurt me
coney island 01:02
pouring beers into cups I can't look at you enough digging holes in the sand letting go of your hand we went on the wonder wheel I didn't think that it was real I can f*ck any boy but they don't know who I love when I'm f*cking a boy they don't know who I'm dreaming of double you and i double hockey sticks
ridiculous and confused with nothing left to lose I'll marry a 16 year old girl smog looks darker from above what's this strange old ragged love? well I've gotten brave enough to say your name out loud cast a shadow in my direction, man I've never loved someone so stupid before what a drag, what a bore it's ok I don't love the grown-up version of you smog looks darker from above what's this strange old ragged love? in the closet is little bear she sits there cause she doesn't care she draws in pencil on the walls where did little bear go? she walked out in the snow he is risen, he is fallen, he will rise again pretty dank, don't you think?


ingrid superstar explores new territory (literally AND like a metaphor!)



released July 16, 2011

emma sings on part,
steve wrote something down for me at one point


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE: clemence@atc- live.com

US Press:

UK Press:

7 minutes in hell

"ingrid is over"

pot calling the kettle dank
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