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great scraps

by franz charcoal

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  • great scraps: an induced collage

    induced collage: collaborate on a collage (or a few) with me! Great scraps collected and cut lovingly by an amateur (greta). Shown are some examples of collages I made with 10 or so scraps. These one-of-a-kind “kits” have 40+ scraps for you to be creative with ❤️ get yourself some glue and something to collage onto and you’ll be ready to rock.

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we designed the phone not to encourage anyone to look inward empty the governed of expectation the years fly by without you and some day i will doubt you ever were around the memories are fading i just have to keep waiting
church day 01:23
water to sky hair to lips, i get it now! after all of this it never rains like this anymore should i put deodorant on or my blazer with the condom in the pocket & i wear my ring i’m in the pew, you’re in the aisle as god taps on the mic and says “is this thing on?” i told that jerk to HOLD MY CALLS! i love you a lot but everyone else on this planet is a idiot i love you a lot but everyone else on this planet is a idiot
if you are what you stand up for it can’t help me understand more me me me me me me me me me me me me ‘cause the trees let the leaves fall and they don’t move at all and i’m the same lame lame lame lame lame lame lame lame i won’t always be able to hear what you say i’ve gotta leave anyway oh god i’ll be away away away away away sometimes i just wanna be called by name i wanna know if you met me today you would love me the same same same same same same
losing days 01:54
i’m losing days so fast i shake my head ’til it explodes it is strange to know that only a few weeks ago i was looking through chair legs, a kid at an adults party we smiled at each other across an invisible boundary i find love in the decisions i dip into my stomach like i’m at a bat mitzvah making a wax hand the walls between the worlds grew thin    and I felt everything i’m not mother earth i require blue light. i strew garbage. i write grocery lists, make appointments. i’m stunted in my growth. i hate to hear the truth. my skin is filled with dust. i smear creams on my fine lines. i swear it’s not my time! adam and eve are trying weed in quarantine with fancy cheese it’s not like i’m giving up just that i never tried to begin with
great scraps 01:36
Oh great scraps of new york, call me up Ribbons, letters tie your knots around my legs Pistachio shells and shells of eggs Single rides, coffee lids, signs of life Lost shoes, mittens, waving in the wind All the love in the world is getting in touch with me Reaching across unrelenting car horns I kiss the feet of traffic lights The yellow is my sun, it tells us to speed up and slow down We sail a sea of scratch-offs drained of hope We spread salt on the snow Make it like a soft pretzel i’m new york my dog wears shoes What are you? What are you?
a soft dog 01:44
a soft dog fuzzes out like the river cold spikes up how a good song brings out in you what you could never say but still doesn’t give you the words to of course i let the wind whip the tears out of me or maybe it is a dream you’ve been over it for quite some time it’s news to me that you’re not mine but i don’t care ‘cause deep inside i always knew but had to try
ouch 00:53
Ouch, as usual I'm here unheld It's not weird I felt alone all along In the fog, in your songs So now I feel real in touch right here You don’t know or care Like before it's not even strange I feel happy I feel full my life is completely in control
leaf doctor 02:07
sex is cool but have you heard of: if i hadn’t discovered it i could have been a leaf doctor? i’ve got eyes for day but I just waste ‘em on darting around and the only thing I've found is i’d rather be at home i busted some capillaries over you i even lost a friend or two oh lexie you don’t even know the best me oh lexie i wanna give you the best me
oh the sentence he said it got stuck in my head and i think that i let it define me for years now i’m filled up with lies and they’re making me cry when i lie down flat they fall to one side well i’m taking a stance against the devil’s glass where i don’t look in it but i want to exist oh devil’s glass, oh waterpark it’s everything, it’s vivian
i  watch your step you see me cry you send it back i wonder why am i just not tough enough watch me closely, no lessons nothing learned no forgetting maybe if i were a kid and that fear, that panic which swells in ladies’ stomachs and fills powder rooms with sweat which leads us back to powder rooms and then to dinner which we cannot taste through the panic so you can either needle point your life away or you can throw the hair dryer in the bath tub
self as body 00:47
everyday i break into this place and i break everything that i face am i sick or is life just this lame eat and shit, let it all drip and ache walk on in and fuck everything up should i be allowed near anyone? and i’m not even sure about this body where it lies when i’m not in it
shit i tried 00:47
i tried meditating i tried annotating i tried hypnotizing i tried vaporizing
parts left 02:09
i’m home take off my watch its easier to wash my hands without it i’m sad that you don’t believe in love thought if anything could change that it was us smoke it to the filter, throw away the key give it all away or give it all to me the difference between justice and revenge is there's no justice in the end in a smaller town than you tonight                  i wanna lose my cool with you i wanna fight i got plastered with a prophet when i thought i was straight your glow gone rotten through and now i’m gay part of me so intensely yours parts left are meant to be mine sometimes losing them seems not to matter
twister 01:48
just because i say it well it doesn’t make it so doesn’t make it so make it like a song erase the wondering and woe wondering and woe where are you now? where are you now? where are you now? where are you now? elbow like a pillow but you’ll never understand, thought you were my friend face it in the stairway, stare it right in the face every single day, never get away you come out as often as the stars do, its hard to follow the blue rain that hits my windows, so do you where are you now? where are you now? where are you now? where are you now? feelings are feelings boo follow your twister before it follows you
tv sudoku 01:11
Waste the whole summer away Sitting at a cafe Drinking some iced coffee I never write anything Everyones asking me I say I’ve been busy I play sudoku I never told you  That’s all I ever do waste the whole weekend away Trying to watch tv I say I am busy
limb 01:44
you’re the one who knows my favorite place you can feel what’s on my face i like what i see in the mirror it’s me you like it too, you can feel the truth i’ll see you in two weeks i’ll kiss your pink cheeks at a museum or library we could get so solitary in the beauty do you like to be so alone with me? winters gonna be long i can feel it as i write this one we could be so warm if you would just come home it’s a lie that if you stay in you can’t go out on a limb
i do 1 01:11
i don’t wanna love anyone who isn’t you but also i’m just afraid to with everything to prove i ungracefully move when did i become this latest version? still just as pubescent (as ever) loneliness as incessant (as ever) ronnie won’t you give me a present (ever?) just say i dooooo just say i do i do too
throwaway 00:54
theres nothing wrong with it i’m just throwing it out nothing there to try to fix  you would just let me down i was just being fake when i said i hope you’re good didn’t tell you how i am didn’t think you would you want monogamy just to control me it’s not about love you hardly know me you me
water and a sweater vest i am doing my best will it always be like this? all i can do is heed the call when you put it out with power you know i’ll follow i just wanna feel normal i’m not the same as i was before
god, man 01:08
God, man  She’s always doing experiments on me  but I’m a scrap next to her real art I think  she made the sky, coffee, pain, equilibrium  Really nice curves on that lake that she did  Really sweet warmth beside me when you come back to bed  All the time I’m looking around  A real artist makes you feel sometimes like She made it all for you
sky magnet 02:09
my heart aches at every throb renovate my brain while it’s dreaming Vision was painting with clay an enormous cafeteria tray what a way to examine how you felt to converse is the inverse of it slow train i’ll never take again to sing harmonies with someone who’s not even my friend but i’ll always call it as it is though it gets harder to see it you never know what they’re feeling the urge to hit snooze on everything my heart aches at every throb some sky magnet has me in its pull, unearths me i’m just trying to stand on my feet
abigail 00:40
i’m just trying to know what i wanna die surrounded by of all the books i’m halfway through i could build a staircase up to you half a memory is tugging at me abigail i want you to be alive with me
furnace 01:02
i feel something for ya it’s hard to ignore ya i’m winning around ya i’m lucky i found ya you’re making me late all ‘cause i hate to say goodbye i tuck myself into your eyelids and skin too i’m comfy within you you think i’m a furnace but isn’t it worth it to sweat all night to be close?


some demos, old and new.
all proceeds (minus bandcamps cut) going to Critical Resistance, an organization that works to dismantle the prison industrial complex. to learn more: criticalresistance.org/resources/


released July 3, 2020


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

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