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by frankie cosmos

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i like you so how come you dont like me? you dont know what you dont know what to do i dont know what i dont know what to do you like me so how come i dont like you?
the look 01:05
you look at me like you hate me you look at me like you love me why puzzle over it? i gotta make this song cause when i look down i look up and you're gone seems im always around
out of body 00:47
i feel 17 saying stuff that i dont mean you wanna talk to me but you dont know that i am full of shit dont worry about it i cannot affect you you give me an out of body experience when you wanna disappear you appear mysterious
light heart 01:05
i gotta have a light heart gotta have a light i gotta have a light heart gotta have a light we got the toughest friends --doug, eliza-- never see them cry we got the most sensitive lovers --you, me-- always on the verge we got the worst skin --pink, red-- always feelin dirty we got the most love --love, love-- love love love love love i gotta have a light heart gotta have a light
i don't know 01:57
I don’t know how to sing I don’t know if you love me still I don’t know if I am dumb or smart I don’t know what I wanna be when I grow up the kind of show that makes me cry is changing all the time I find out what I shouldn’t know I find out a weekly indulgence makes me feel so not gorgeous I miss I’m the worst band in the room I’m the worst friend in the room
i feel cold i feel hot i can breathe i cannot what is up what is up in jp i feel something wrong with me wrong with me i cant trust anyone keys wallet phone when i have fun i have my backpack on my backpack on i am glad i have ronnie a warm soft laundry you can feel me write your name you ask what are you writing? you writing
tip top 01:08
fuck UP tip top sad friends long walk school bus dead end love assurance jom looks so sad i wanna be a friend but who knows what anyone wants when im sad i wanna cry alone but secretly want to be hugged and let it out weep to elaiza confuse and overwhelm talk to elaiza do you have a crush whats his name whats he like do you think he likes you does he like you back
you are dead cant pat your head they took you away in a cardboard box doesnt stop me from talking to you i am dead nothing compares to being young i feel old and undone doesnt stop me from talking to you cause ill talk and ill talk and i'll talk til im really dead and we talked and we talked and we talked and you never said A THING cause you were a dog a dog a dog and i am a human cause i am a dog a dog a dog and you are a human you're dead cant pat your head they took you away in a cardboard box doesnt stop me from talking to you
the world is a puzzle when everyone loves you and theres nothing to attend to and you're scared of bailing cause everyone else has failed you i saw you at the met i was outside but i didnt enter it we walked down the block the ultimate fear is worse when its real its been so long and now its sad to know it wasnt like this with anyone else for you for me differently a true outsider is when its decided for you when you are just unwelcome whether or not you want to
smartly 01:34
well i cant treat you anything but rough and anything you do feels good cause im in love and i aint looking at anybody in grand central cause i left my eyes in pleasantville and i just wanna take a picture of your face when it becomes a rectangle and i cant treat you anything but rough and i love you but thats not enough to keep me sane i go to museums in winter and i fold my coat i try to tell you but something gets caught in my throat i drink my coffee at night and i sleep on the train i think im losing my mind when i use my brain there are so many smart things about me that doesnt mean i act smartly smartly
all you can do is assure me all you can do is say sorry a million times or whatever but do i really wanna wonder forever or is it easier to just start over? how you never quite believe them again is the most powerful lack of emotion descent of emotion s the strongest emotion whats the warmest thing we can do you just walk around and i'll watch you how you touch the ground so lightly i feed you a cracker religiously 2 coffees before 4 pm & I FEEL LIKE MYSELF AGAIN yesterday was a vortex garlic tour-booking and chess i pull fuzz off your face whats appropriate? everything loses and gains value i cant imagine life without you how you stretched my body out like clay and made me feel a whole new way
duet 02:26
you got nice eyes they're very blue that is why i look at you i look at you i look at you i look at you i look at you makin a list of people to kiss the list is a million YOUs long just YOUs all the way down olive oil soft and laundry warm i know i like you but i dont know what for with my boy ronnie listening to connie i couldnt stop if i tried i will love you til i die i look at you i look at you


girl donuts by frankie & joejoe


released January 26, 2014


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE booking: clemence@atc- live.com

US Press:

UK Press:

sync: jessyr@subpop.com


7 minutes in hell

"ingrid is over"

pot calling the kettle dank
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