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by frankie cosmos

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korean food 01:38
Korean food, i wish we haven't been doing it how we have 'cause the right way is sad your insides drip down my insides inside our cavely apartment, I feel not the most beautiful when you look at me too handsome to be drawn, I can't help it I, I am a love song anyway
Me in my famous red raincoat staring as you look like a sailboat I gulp down knives in my throat You called me “mom” and it hurt I am boring, I am lame, but sometimes I can go insane You are cocaine, bleach blonde, insane, I am nothing I am nothing You are cocaine, bleach blonde, insane, I am nothing I am nothing I am “wash it before you wear it” I faked you out a little bit You are cocaine, bleach blonde, you tricked me with a song I wanna know what your song is about before I put my lips on your mouth You are cocaine, bleach blonde, insane, I am nothing I am nothing You are cocaine, bleach blonde, insane, I am nothing I am nothing Dating is dumb, giving up your life to someone Giving up is dumb too, so you better push through The trees are thin, the grass is patchy And he is him, and I am happy
you fill me with weariness when you are mysterious even though i joke a lot i still feel the power of god justin bieber made a lot of people christian people need something to believe in i go to the cow meeting the pretzels are steaming i must have been dreaming i, jonathan i must have been dreaming cause when yr heartbroken it feels like its just you and him but now im on the other side and im so sorry my honeys got pointed toes and a funny heartshaped nose the first half of the book is prose but we just read the poems and look at the pinecones math controls everything pinecones and cup rings maybe sex too, a kiss fibonacci sequence but i cant remember what it is holy moment
bow in nude 01:32
We bow in the nude, you’re forgetfully rude (ah!) “Can I be yours?” is wrong, I make you mine in a song (ah!) We sleep heavy, too certain, but I pull up the curtain (ah!) And it’s revealing icy bad feelings (ah!) ’til the river pounds through, windows crack filled with blue You’ll think “oh we’re safe” and leave everything to break
drinks 01:48
If you wanna survive the night you’ll need a lot of purple wine Cause you’ll be here all alone with me and you really don’t wanna be If you wanna get through the year you’ll need a billion bubbling beers And I’ll watch you gulp down the yellow and you’ll look down and not say hello If you have to spend the day with me make sure you bring some good whiskey In case I have a lot to say, I’ll talk and talk the whole brown day And now it’s time to sleep together We haven’t done that in forever It makes everything else better
shirt lake 04:02
i wear yr shirt to the lake it makes me feel safe then i fall in and i cant swim i wore yr shirt in the lake it made me feel safe that was an easy mistake and then i fall in and i cant swim and then i see him and he starts to grin and then i cry out i hope that someone helps and then i start to drown i see you start to frown and then you start to weep i enter my final sleep i took your favorite shirt and wore it til it hurt i wear your shirt to the lake it makes me feel safe then i fall in but i cant swim
bus bus train train makes me think im going far away and i wont come home til im all grown a moment is pressing i feel undressing i see a purple river wind sends a shiver double rainbow i see joejoe in taxidermy museum lovin' you gave me something to do we sleep like nature our love a purple river runs through me ancient i find you in nature I PLAY THE FIRST NOTE!
french toast 02:19
He wears a trench coat, I eat French toast His dreams are boring, I watch him snoring I am imagining to be with you dancing “Your eyes say yes but you don’t say yes” maybe I’m living in a spiral maybe you are a broken sparrow Coloring the view of the street only I can see I look at the earth tighten My hearts got my problems frightened away Away “Your eyes say yes but you you don’t say yes”
i was the car i drove us there you were around cause you were the air i was the brains you were the brawn i knew you'd hurt me ALL ALONG whos gonna kiss me at the show? i hope its you but, i dont know the word love makes me so hot (what should be?) the word fuck makes me so not (what should be?) 2 cheese slices and a soda 4.99 at the corner makes me think of only you even when i dont want to what should be?????? what should be AW HEY BAMBINO THOUGHT I KNEW BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT SHOULD BE
skinny 02:46
I don’t think anorexic is pretty you tell me you think I’m too skinny I don’t know what to say I just sulk and turn away You don’t know what you did I think that is stupid I think that is stupid! it’s stupid! That’s stupid! that’s stupid that’s stupid I sit in job interview attire Sweat under thighs, too-hot coffee and spit it out Now I don’t care about being cool For anyone but you Now I don’t care about being cool For anyone but you Are you a mirage? Or are you not? When I come to and I’m on the floor You are right there just like before Just like a movie you pet me smoothly you are so handsome


this album is dedicated to DADDY COOL aka Peter Schneider!! Thank you for taking the best care of us this summer in Germany, and booking the most amazing tour. YEA PETER!


released September 20, 2013


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE: clemence@atc- live.com

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