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Collaborative Farting

by ingrid superstar

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that’s the wagner one? that’s starwars?
hey girls 00:30
hey angrid what boy did you kiss like that? hey ingrid don’t be angry don’t be mad hey vitti what train took you ‘cross the sea hey vitti wont you say your name to me hey superstars show me all your battlescars
trains moving backwards into dark your eyes closed you look like noah’s ark my brain’s moving forward into light like this we would wander in the night well there’s still some alcohol in my blood i’d swear to god your brain’s made of mud my mom wants me to like “nice boys” tummy-filled-with-rice-boys no drunk-backseat- or punk- boys no accidentally-love-boys i’m on a ride that’s unnecessarily scenic you sewed my mind shut so that i can’t see it trains moving backwards into dark eyes closed we’re walking in the park our hands moving forward into light yea well you don’t but my eyes just might i like the feeling we can be friends i’m not sure how i hit my head i woke up lying under the sink i fainted this morning and now i can’t think my mom wants me to like “nice boys”, tummy-filled-with-rice-boys, no drunk-backseat- or punk- boys no accidentally-love-boys so crude they stop just to test you i had to say don’t pet my head where it’s bruised my moms mad i don’t like “nice boys” i just don’t like the ones who are gonna grow up into businessmen providence left me on my hands and knees i’m bleeding providence if you moved with me here it’d be so easy
i'm not hi 01:05
in the days i used to walk around stoned i was always by myself but never alone in the days i used to sit on my hands never used to be sad when i didn’t have a friend now i’m straight, i’m straight and i haven’t got a friend of mine oh i’m straight, it’s so sad, i’d rather be high all the time i been reading all these literatures all the books in the world they form these patterns i wanna tell you all about what they signify all these books about you make me wanna cry i’m not high, i’m not high, and i haven’t got a friend of mine i’m not high, it’s so sad, i’d rather be high all the time
can’t get you offa my mind, can’t get you outta my head i don’t wanna have to die, i just wanna be dead everyone’s bored cause they don’t know what to do i wanna have a secret fifth grade romance with you let’s ride bikes and go to the beach and hold hands let’s go to the park, somersaults and headstands, veggie burgers and skateboard on your lawn, watch a movie, make a comic and yawn we can jump around the room n dance but don’t forget it’s a fifth grade SECRET romance
which tracks? witch tracks
these boys all speak in poetry i can’t make out a word they say i never really liked poetry, well i never liked boys anymore i kissed a boy on his scar, i kissed this boy on the arm boy kissed me back on the wrist, wrists holds hands that touch our lips just like you left pawprints on my back the russians shoved my mouth with snow they call this murder “the white death” suffocate, melt, and no one knows
once bitten, twice shy you lie, so i lie once bitten, twice shy you’re smitten i’m dying
like a smart baby would when he’s trying to play dumb all the boys on classon avenue, sucking their thumbs and joanna you’re my favorite lizard queen standing with norman and jean-paul in between and the hair on my legs shines bright like blonde and glass on your eyes just like a pond you’re my favorite queen with my favorite king i went up so high i thought i was sprouting wings more pretty than most things more handsome than most things
sideways like my brain/ our hearts really look like that why doesnt anyone else see it but me? sometimes i feel like i could be invisible but then you know to call me at 4 am and tell me you love me and we talk til the men in suits get up for work then i sleep and i dream oh i dream i am chasing him around i am real he is invalid i can feel he makes me pallid
1.i am sick of poetry just kidding that doesn't happen who do i want to be? (for halloween this year that is) (not that you'll care either way) "I'm taking it off my netflix!" i told steve Just Kidding Though cause i do Love you and Care i might want you to love me despite the fact that i am unevely disposed dont even have my socks on and forgot to feed the cat on time besides, everyone else in the world is annoying anyway ! 2. thoughts- a whole xanax cant knock me out after a text like that. you should never expect anything with people, only dogs. even then, don’t forget to expect death above all. this is how to live without let-downs. everything is irrational, you get used to it i guess. i could use your help to extrapolate my REM sleep. he could narrate my dreams like a french film. 3. These thick branched trees give the park dimension. In the summer, the leaves & heat added to the thick. Now it is frail. the farther they go the more tiredly the branches reach. the bottoms are still thick, though, they don’t pretend they never were. even if a tree is just a flower now, flowers are small but can still be beautiful. People are flying past me on bikes, i forgot that it isn’t nighttime. There is a giant twisted one with branches so long
i hope you kiss her knees, kiss her back while she sleeps kiss her arm by the geese, kiss her lip between sheets, kiss her neck on the beach, tell her “please baby please never be mad at me” i want you to be happy, do to her what you did to me kiss her knee, kiss her spleen, treat her like she’s a queen make her beam, make her scream get fucked up and make a scene in between every seam are the hands that made the stitch you’re a warlock she’s a witch i thought that i was lucy (lucy & schroeder) you were schroeder can’t you see when it gets dark like this i wish we were wandering around together fighting a liar, lighting a fire lucy and schroeder never got together
“i’m worried i’m worried dreaming all the time what’s going on in this life of mine? lovers calling, they don’t know my name the way things are going i think it’s a shame” -michael hurley, i’m worried i’m worried
henry 02:04
she’s just a dog, her body is gone now what is left but me and this poem? she was just a dog, now her body’s gone so what is left but me and my poem? i went to the show, he didn’t look at me I didn’t look at him i was too drumb to see


released March 20, 2011

michelle/mikeybelle presents sings on some of these with me!


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Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

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