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affirms glinting

by frankie cosmos

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life is long as fuck and i just wanna stay sharp how many ways can u call whatever i do small the weird sound guy would never touch a man that way i'd rather be in the bathroom with a national geographic than talk to anyone haven't you heard if you can't pinpoint the schmuck in the room ITS YOU ITS YOU ITS YOU "its all for you" a kid with a pineapple head has some kind of hold on my friend and i dont understand all i see is phony "no shoulder" is what the road sign says i remember how it felt when i was WITHOUT ONE WITHOUT ONE
being alive 01:39
being alive i see you in everything my vocabulary's limited but i wanna tell it all to you if i could would you want me to? bein alive if i become a piece of dirt for a dollar can i enter your brain? being alive matters quite a bit even when you feel like shit being alive im collapsing inwardly your name strikes a match in me after a drum solo i looked up craig called out to me after said "maybe see you later?" being alive matters quite a bit even when you feel like shit BEING ALIVE!!
too dark 02:31
i wish i had some control you embarrass me in full i feel low low low i dont wanna know how flustered you were i just wanna hear you say you were wrong how easily i become not real like a bug you brush off your ear you're just dust, i'm just dust if your love was strong as my shame i'd marry you and take your name but it's not, you'll never get it so i guess i'll just forget it too dark i stand alone lucky and unknown do i belong? do i belong do i belong no when i know i'm not the best girl in the room i tell myself i'm the best you can do do i belong do i belong do i belong noooooo i drink bad coffee hope that you'll call me never look back never look back never look back o when i am bored i crash up on the shore too dark too dark too dark oooooo
healthy 00:54
i am privileged enough to go to the doctor but i don't need to go because i FEEL SO GOOD everyone is healthy nothing is wrong with me my head is clear i have no fear of dying soon i am immune
when you dont want me i look at my body its awkward and dirty i feel unsturdy when you dont hold my hand i totally understand you just cant walk with ease, i pull it in my sleeve and when you dont love me i look above me and i talk to my god even though he's a dog and i ask him if i'l be ok and he says that he was once a stray and that was when we took him home and loved him and made him our own and you have done the same to me which doesnt mean that i'm not free i dont know what else it means as long as i dont become we i can stay ME i am happy i look at me i am happy i am just me i am happy so differently
embody 01:41
some day in bravery i'll embody all the grace and lightness everybody understands me but i wish nobody understood me so you could be the one who did embody all the grace and lightness the world is pretty big its cool we fit on it it makes me wanna grow so i can go see more sarah is a lightbeam from the picture jonah sent me it makes me so happy she embodies all the grace and lightness its sunday night and my friends are friends with my friends it shows me they embody all the grace and lightness florist signs are everywhere emily is in the air on tour with gabby we'll embody all the grace and lightness
all of the suckers are standing in one corner and i'm right there with them it's not that we're loners we all stand together cause in the world there's suckers and there's jerks and temptation doesn't strike the sucker we all just get fucked over fuck it suckers should be proud we're the only good people around cause temptation doesn't strike the sucker we all just get fucked over
i know now i was too young to think how you had had a past maybe you were affected by that you called me 4 in the morning talkin bout 2 abortions i had just turned 16 i didn't know what you meant and when i met you you were the age i am now your girlfriend has just moved out of the apartment where you said so much nothing the place that we were fucking was probably sacred for something
am i wrong that you want me the questions that haunt me affirms glinting the love i was hinting everywhere i look is sadness all i seem to feel is badness everywhere i look is sadness always seems like you're the baddest look what you do to me everybody can see and it shows on my face in a well lit place everywhere i look is sadness always seems like you're the baddest everywhere i look is sadness all i seem to feel is badness am i wrong that you want me? the questions that haunt me affirms glinting the love i was hinting
i am a car on a patch of grass i am a hair on a hairless cat i am the sky that invented blue i am a love who isn't you "i see your beauty in other" men we'll never know just what it meant i see your beauty in other men and i try not to dream of them i feel so bad i never felt this bad tour is scary and its hard to stay strong it might help if i could call you on the phone and hear a friends voice that isnt my own being surrounded is like being alone and there i was on the window sill outside your room in pleasantville with your shirt on as a nightgown looking for a way outta that town and all i have is you and you are of no use i learned how to love from you to carefully follow from the room too tired of being strewn along bored from being done all wrong you showed me how to make a sound you taught me that the earth was round but that i'm round too, can bounce at any time i bounced from being yours to being mine and now i'm strong, now i'm strong thanks for doing me so wrong
what is entailed in being human? does anyone owe anyone anything? theres someone i dont hate who just makes me hate you i get soapy hearted remembering your actions i've charted it all comes down to proof im loathing i want truth i start to feel that feeling it always comes about a week in i carry equipment get zen with it i can leave everyone alone so they can have their fun im a social caterpillar everything i say is filler and its ok if no one can surmise im really great inside im really great inside
U 01:54
im a sucker 4 u 2 im looking for clues as to why im alive and im not gonna lose i will try til i die the dark is stronger than the love a stranger leads me from the tub the hot one with the rain inside youve written of it in a lie as for the shit inside me i cant feel it hardly the only scars you can see are accidents incidentally right when i lose my high its a birthday we say "time flies" but its not true cause time moves slow it moves for you to have time to grow but growth ends too just like a day at the end of it all you can do is say FUCK EM!
pure poison 01:27
life is a road every town is a home i just wanna be self maintaining i just wanna stop complaining i only exist by comparison i only matter with context drivin up to garrison sad is not that complex outside and inside are the same you got me feeling soft like rain i thought there was only one kind of boring but some people are pure poison
actin weird 01:06
my body's sendin out some shit and i cannot keep track of it i remember feeling like aliens we were cottonballs dipped in sand isnt it weird how we have grown so far apart now i dont know you at all youre just a name on my gchat bar joejoe you were in my dream alive and facing away from me i can't tell how i feel everybody's actin weird ACTIN WEIRD ACTIN WEIRD ACTIN WEIRD ACTIN WEIRD
i don't wanna learn how to love you i want you to learn how to love me CORRECTLY without a game i forget how to play i wanna strip you of your power and show you the way (wanna get a coffee with me?)


15 songs by frank


released May 12, 2014

album title by ron


all rights reserved



Frankie Cosmos New York, New York

Booking: john@groundcontroltouring.com

UK / EUROPE: clemence@atc- live.com

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